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We are a creative studio led and founded by art director Anja Werner and brand specialist Harrison Stoker in 2013. We seek like minds who aren't afraid to embrace change and share a belief that bravery is the key to creating authentic, captivating work.

"After spending 10 years honing my skills in some of Melbourne's leading agencies, I knew I wanted to offer a more intimate experience for clients based around authenticity and simplicity. My father was a talented artist who tragically never came to see his dreams come to fruition and that has been a driving force for me to realize my dream of having my own creative studio. I care deeply about the impact my work has on the world and seeing my clients enjoy success as a result is truly humbling".         
— Anja Werner

If you're here because you have a vision for something that has yet to find its true voice, let's talk!

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Brave Creative
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